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Scene Title Courtesy Of Joanna Angel

This week's update, FUN FACT: I Like Anal Sex, not only stars tattooed porn legend Joanna Angel, but it was also inadvertently titled by her:

So do we, Joanna. So. Do. WE!

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The COVID Shitshow Continues...



Hey Everyone! 👋

On Monday 2022-01-03, we posted that Friday 2022-01-07's Scene Will Be Late. Well, COVID fucked that for us, as one of the performers tested positive. So now we're in this 10 Day Waiting Period and not sure when we can shoot this scene 🤬

What's that mean for you? Obviously, there was no update yesterday, so we owe you one this month. Not sure when we'll release it, but you'll all get the 6 scenes/month that we promised on our About page.

Thanks for understanding & have a GREAT weekend! 🌴
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Friday 2022-01-07's Scene Will Be Late



Hey Everyone! 👋

Porn production always slows down around the holidays, so that, along with some scheduling issues & the fact that we'll be shooting another scripted scene...

We're going to have to push back this week's update to next week (aiming for Tuesday the 11th). You'll still get the (now) normal 6 updates/month, so no need to worry about that!

If you ever need anything from us, just click the CONTACT link on the bottom of the page & we'll get back to you ASAP.

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The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men...



Hey Everyone 👋

Well, we had planned on bringing all of you a special Halloween Update tomorrow, but Amazon fucked us right in the giggy-hole, as the costumes are STILL not delivered 🤬

The scene, which I can say is “air tight”, will still be shot this weekend for release on a future date. It will feature the lovely Kyler Quinn with Damion Dayski, Danny Steele AND Oliver Flynn, so use your imagination 😉 The only problem is that it may or may not contain 🔺🟥🔴 which makes us very 😢

Instead, we will be releasing 💦 Double Digit Squirting 💦 starring Valerica Steele 👩‍🎤 with Damion Dayski tonight at Midnight ~ Enjoy!

We thank you all for your understanding and wish everyone a very safe and happy Halloween!
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