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A Little Reminder
Featuring: MJ Fre$h
With: Damion Dayski

South Carolina coed 💜 MJ Fre$h makes her long awaited return to the porn biz today, and since she's been gone for so long, we just had to pair her up with big dick 18-year-old Damion Dayski for this Hussie🌴Pass update. After our esteemed director Johnny 🎥🎬 Robins helps us get reacquainted with MJ 🎤👧🏻 she shows off her body and gets her motor running by fucking herself with a big pink rubber dong. In steps Damion with some lube 🧴💧 for MJ's lovely tits 🍈🍈 and awesome backside 🍑 which she of course twerks for us. MJ gets on her knees, drops Damion's drawers and begins to suck on as much of that 12-inch 📏 uncut 🚫✂️ gift 🎁 as she can. She then eats his ass 👅🍑 and gives him a footjob 👣🍆 followed by Damion fucking her tits 🍈🍆🍈 and sampling her moist vagina 👅😻 Then we get down to the fucking, as Damion deep-dicks MJ doggystyle, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, on her side and finally missionary. When the time is right, Damion pulls out and cums on MJ's chin ✊🏾🍆💦👧🏻 As is the norm around here, we followed the two lovers into the shower 🚿🧼 only to find they'd not had enough of each other yet...

To be honest, these pics don't truly represent this scene, so we suggest you...

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A Little Reminder

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