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First Official Double Vag
Featuring: Kyler Quinn
With: Brian Omally & Jax Slayher

Fresh off her DP scene 🤯 with Brian Omally and Jax Slayher, Kyler Quinn is back with the boys to attempt another “double” and this one will be a 1st for her: An Official Double Vag! 😱 The scene starts with Kyler loosening up her coed vag 😻 with 2 big rubber-dongs. In come Brian and Jax with some lube 💧 which we all know is gonna be needed! Kyler then does the ♫ Row Row Row Your Boat... ♫ thing and gives the guys a simultaneous suckjob before she goes onto the rotisserie so Brian and Jax can each sample her mouth and pussy. Kyler then hops on Brian cowgirl-style so Jax can slide in from behind for her 1st Official Double Vag! ☝️ This is followed by Kyler going wrist deep into herself 🤜 just to show us that she's ready for more! Kyler mounts Jax reverse cowgirl as Brian comes in from the front for her 2nd Official Double Vag! ✌️ For a quick change of pace, Kyler eats Brian's ass 👅🍑 as Jax plows her from behind before she hops back on Brian and Jax slides his meat in for her 3rd Official Double Vag! 👌 Kyler then gets back on the rotisserie until it's time for her 4th Official Double Vag! 🖐 The action climaxes with the guys each climaxing on Kyler's pretty little face ✊🏻🍆💦👱‍♀💦🍆✊🏾

To be honest, these pics don't truly represent this scene, so we suggest you...

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First Official Double Vag

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