Innocence Lost - Hussie Pass

Innocence Lost
Featuring: Innocent Megan
With: Milan

Skinny brunette MILF Innocent Megan 🆕 makes her Hussie Pass debut today and we paired the sexy cougar up with 🇷🇸 Serbian stud Milan. The scene starts with a little Q&A before in steps Milan with his 🍆 thick prick and a bottle of lube 💧 Megan gets all slicked up and sits on Milan's face before plopping his girthy 8 inch cock into her mouth and down her throat. Milan returns the favor by giving her smooth slick pussy some love with his tongue 👅 Megan then returns that favor by giving his asshole a good proper rimming 😲 After she gives Milan a 👣 footjob and he sucks on Megan's 🦶 toes, it's time for the fucking! Milan hammers away at the 31 year old's meaty vag, banging her doggystyle, regular and reverse cowgirl, and good old fashioned missionary until he can no longer take it, pulls out and busts his nut on Megan's no-longer-innocent face 🍆💦👩 We catch up with Megan in the 🚿 shower after as she washes 🧼 all that sex off her hot little body...

To be honest, these pics don't truly represent this scene, so we suggest you...

Watch The Trailer For Innocent Megan's Scene:
Innocence Lost

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