First BBG For 20-Year-Old Starlette - Hussie Pass

First BBG For 20-Year-Old Starlette
Featuring: Kimberly Snow
With: Danny Steele & GI Joey

The lovely Kimberly Snow makes her Hussie🌴Pass debut today, and seeing as she said she's ready for two guys, we brought in our good friend Danny Steele 💪 & new stud GI Joey 💪 for this rather wild BBG update 🥳 After our latest director, Big 🎥🎬 Lou, helps us get acquainted with the Northwestern cutie 🎤👧 Kimberly gets naked, shows off her gorgeous body, and uses her fingers to moisten up her hairy meaty vag 🥩 Danny & Joey make their way into the scene with some lube 💧 for Kimberly's perky natural tits and relatively juicy ass. The action starts when Kimberly gets on her knees and performs the traditional ♫ ♪ Row Row Row Your Boat ♪ ♫ thing with the guy's stiff pricks 🍆🤤🍆 The guys then take turns fucking her face, getting footjobs 👣🍆 choking, spanking & slapping her 👋 and pounding the fuck out of her moist vagina. For the finale, Kimberly gets back on her knees as Joey “cums in her mouth” 🙄 & Danny on her face ✊🍆👧💦🍆✊ We followed the three stars into the shower after 🧼🚿 for a quick post-sex discussion...Until Next Time! 🏝️

Greenguy 👨‍💻🤓

To be honest, these pics don't truly represent this scene, so we suggest you...

Watch The Trailer For Kimberly Snow's Scene:
First BBG For 20-Year-Old Starlette

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