She Likes To Be Spoiled - Hussie Pass

She Likes To Be Spoiled
Featuring: Ameena Green
With: Danny Steele & James Angel

Juicy newbie Ameena Green makes her Hussie🌴Pass debut today, and we called in our good friends 💪 Danny Steele & James Angel 💪🏽 for this BBG Threesome scene that was shot a mere TWO days ago! 🤯 After our positive-thinking director Johnny 🎥🎬 Robins helps us get to know a little about the African American & Cambodian cutie 🎤👧🏽 Ameena strips naked and moistens up her vag with her fingers. In step Danny & James with some lube 💧 for Ameena's lovely boobs and fantastic backside 🍑 which she sure knows how to twerk! James slides his head under Ameena's twerking ass to sample her juices 👅😻 as Danny sticks his dick into her mouth 🤤🍆 Ameena then gets on her knees between Danny & James for the customary ♫♪ Row Row Row Your Boat ♪♫ thing before onto the rotisserie she goes, as the boys take turns fucking her face & pussy. Next, Ameena hops on Danny for a cowgirl cockride 🤠 as James choke-fucks her face 🤪 Danny then fucks her face & James bangs her twat until the boys are ready & each give Ameena a nice facial cumshot. ✊🏻🍆💦👧🏽💦🍆✊🏼 Afterward, you know we followed Ameena into the shower 🧼🚿 only to find her brushing her teeth with Danny's stiff prick...Until Next Time! 🏝️

Greenguy 👨‍💻🤓

To be honest, these pics don't truly represent this scene, so we suggest you...

Watch The Trailer For Ameena Green's Scene:
She Likes To Be Spoiled

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