All Natural Ginger Freak - Hussie Pass

All Natural Ginger Freak
Featuring: Aria Kai
With: Brickzilla

Baton Rouge ⚜️ native Aria Kai makes her Hussie Pass 🎟️ debut today and we just had to pair up the self-proclaimed “All-Natural Ginger Freak” 👩‍🦰🤪 with the one and only Brickzilla for this very juicy scene 💦 After we get to know a little about the truly natural redhead, the flexible 🤸‍♀️ fuckdoll gets herself loosened up by fucking her 🔥 fire bush with a big thick rubber dong. Brickzilla steps in with his bottle of lube 🧴💧 and I have to say, if there ever was a body that was made to be slathered in babyoil, it's Aria's 💯 She jiggles her big natural 🍈🍈 boobies and twerks her phat 🍑 ass (or as 🎥🎬 Johnny says 🗣️ “We call that the earthquake!”) Up until now, Aria's only seen Brickzilla's “slightly terrifying” wiener in pictures 🖼️👀 and seeing it in person made her glad she warmed up with that big dildo! 👍 Aria sucks and slobbers on his ginormous gift, followed by eating Brickzilla's ass 👅🍑 some lubed-up titty fucking 🍈🍆🍈 and a nice footjob for all you 👣 foot fetishists. Brickzilla, being the gentleman that he is, goes down on Aria and laps away at her plump pussy 👅😻 Now that Aria is nice and moist, she gets spread-eagle so Brickzilla can easily slide that girthy gift deep inside her (13-inches deep 📏 if you wanted to get technical about it). Brickzilla picks up the pace as he stretches Aria in a number of 😮 oh-face 😲 inducing positions until he pulls out of her vagina, sticks the tip in her mouth, and releases his load down her thirsty throat 🤤 As usual, we catch up with the two in the shower 🚿 where Brickzilla eagerly assists in washing 🧼 Aria's lovely lady lumps...

To be honest, these pics don't truly represent this scene, so we suggest you...

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All Natural Ginger Freak

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