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A Big Cock Girl For Life
Featuring: Melody Foxx
With: Brickzilla

All-natural 💯 19-year-old Melody Foxx is back for another taste of BBC and this time, we paired her up with none other than Mr. 13 Inch 📏 himself, Brickzilla 😱 After we get a little info from the pigtailed teen 👧 Brickzilla steps in with some lube 💧 and gets Melody's tanlined 👙 34D boobies 🍈🍈 and juicy ass 🍑 all slicked up and ready for some interracial loving ☯ Melody removes his See HIM 😉 underwear 🩲 with her teeth and proceeds to shove as much of that thick black gift into her mouth as she can 😲 She gives Brickzilla a nice wet footjob 👣 before Brickzilla returns the favor by providing Melody's pussy with some oral treats. Brickzilla puts her on her knees for some doggystyle fucking, where Melody basically goes cross-eyed 🤪 as she takes all... yes, ALL 🤯 of his girthy prick deep inside her meaty teen vajayjay 😻 Brickzilla gives her a quick slick titty-fucking 🍈🍆🍈 before Melody hops on top and impales herself on his BBC. The two go back to the missionary position for some more balls-deep 🤯 I-can’t-believe-it-fits 🤯 hammer-fucking until Brickzilla can take no more and coats the freshman's face with a big load of joy juice ✊🍆💦👧 After, we catch up with the two lovers in the shower 🚿 where, Brickzilla makes sure her boobies are squeaky clean, and Melody makes sure his 3rd leg is properly washed up...

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A Big Cock Girl For Life

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